Welcome in this oasis of serenity. I love old cemetaries. So that's why i create this blog. Beautiful statues (stone angels), old tombstones and peaceful quietness invite you to reflect on life and death. No, i am not tired of life, i don't wanna die yet, but i love this melancholic feeling i get when wandering about these places. The mystery of life and death. Wander with me.......

Friday, June 19, 2009

I dream my future * Ik droom mijn toekomst

Gravel rustle under my feet
Thoughts wandering to expired times
Tomorrow is yesterday sighs the sinking sun
I dream my future into oblivion.

Grind knispert onder mijn voeten
Gedachten dwalen naar voorbijgegane tijd
Morgen is gisteren verzucht de zinkende zon
Ik droom mijn toekomst in vergetelheid.

Momo Luna


Hammelinn said...

Nice Blog


Fede Hammelinn

Lille Diane said...

I love your new blog and photos!!! If you have time check out my friend, Rain Mountain Mamma who is listed on my side bar of people I follow. She just took some pix at a cemetery. The poem you wrote is beautiful, too.

Hauntingly beautiful work!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you and welcome Hammelinn. :-)

Tnx Lille Diane and nice to see you here as well. I will check out your friends blog.....